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GBS 4.7: Multiple Language Support, Voiding Orders, Improved Administration

We’re knocking two of the most highly requested items off the suggestions list this week: multiple language support and improved administration for voiding purchases.


Support for a multi-language Group Buying Site solution has been a top feature request since version 3.0. We were very much aware of some good solutions to provide multi-language support for WordPress sites but none worked natively with GBS. We reached out and requested they support some additional methods so that GBS customers could integrate with their product. Regardless of our effort and development involvement to improve their products we never received the necessary support. This left us to build our own solution.

Coincidentally during our planning stages v85dev contacted us about an add-on they had been working on to provide multi-language support to GBS and GBS Themes. After reviewing what they developed we decided working with them to build a common solution was in our customers’ best interest. With our development support and additional requirements we were able to build a solution to meet most customer’s needs.

The Multi Language add-on is available in the marketplace and is in active development to deliver more features and options. Check it out now.

Multi Language Addon

Voiding Purchases

The second most popular request was to improve how deactivated vouchers were treated. We determined order management needed a method to void purchases and provide notes.

Voiding Purchase/Orders

Those notes can be viewed at the order management screen and the purchase reports.

Settings API

A new settings API was developed for future plans as well as to assist GBS developers in constructing their own add-ons much faster. As a result, options are better organized and some sections automatically save in the background. You should instantly notice this the next time you activate or deactivate your add-ons after updating to the new version. If you’re a developer and you would like to know more please inquire about this in the Developer Forums.

What’s next?

All we can say is that we have a lot planned for the next release, so much that we’re jumping straight to version 5.0!


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