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The New, Multifaceted Adept Daily Deal Theme For WordPress

Our new Adept theme delivers a stunning new array of features for your daily deal site when utilized with our ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Users are greeted by a full width, customizable banner image and unique styling that can be easily customized right from the dashboard.  Logged in users are given a quick glance at account and cart information right from the header, while the footer offers a look at deals by location, ending date, and category.  The landing page also includes a large featured section for your most recent deal, followed by a Pinterest-inspired layout and infinite scroll for your most recent deals.


The subscription lightbox add-on allows you to easily add email subscriptions to the theme beyond site registration. The deal pages also offer a fresh, inspired design.


Adept also offers unique layouts custom built for various browser sizes and mobile devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone, tablets, Android devices, smartphones, etc.), using responsive design techniques to present a dramatic, custom experience for all your users.


Many dynamic aspects of the Adept theme, such as the new checkout, account pages, and dynamic headers need to be experienced firsthand in order to be appreciated. You can test the Adept theme now by visiting the live demo.

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