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GBS 4.1 Release: Order Fulfillment, Inventory Management, GBS JSON API, Large Site Scaling Optimizations

Our white label social commerce software for WordPress has grown quite a bit this year. We released our Crowdfunding theme for WordPress along with many other GBS themes and add-ons for the Group Buying Site platform which allow you to easily extend the function of the default GBS software. Today we are releasing v4.1 which includes many new features and improvements like order fulfillment and inventory management, a fully featured GBS JSON API, and a query optimizer for large site scaling needs.

GBS v3.9: The Destroyer, Theme Customizer, ShareThis, Deal Aggregation

Today's release of GBS v3.9 is another major release with a focus on making record management easier, as well as integrating Wordpress' new theme customizer.
The Destroyer
Since purchases, orders, vouchers, deals, and accounts are tightly integrated, deleting any one of these in previous versions could cause problems. GBS now has a specialized controller dedicated to handling these complex operations.

New Crowdfunding Theme For WordPress, Reward Points Purchasing Add-on

Our group buying software platform continues to expand with today's announcement of our white label Crowdfunding Theme for WordPress. We've integrated some of the best features of the GBS platform into this new WordPress fundraising theme. This includes the ability to set a tipping point required to activate a crowdfunding project. This unique feature allows people to join together to group-fund things like trips, gifts, and other group based fundraising projects. If a group-funded project doesn't meet the minimum goal, no one is charged. We've also integrated traditional group buying purchase limits (e.g. maximum contribution per user, maximum total, etc.). Just like traditional crowdfunding sites, you can create multiple contribution levels, allow sponsors to post updates to a fundraising project, and permit contributors/backers to post comments. In addition, we've also added a sponsor directory where visitors can view and filter sponsors by category. Checkout the video above for a quick overview and review the complete details at CrowdFundingSite.net.

Gamification Integrated Via Reward Points Checkout, Rewards System Add-on

gamification Gamification refers to the integration of game techniques into non-game applications in an effort to improve user engagement. When it's implemented correctly into one's site it can boost customer loyalty and instill a sense of entertainment or fun for the customer. Overall this may act to increase visitor traffic, result in more product sales, and ultimately generate more revenue for the website owner. These are terrific benefits for anyone running their own online business and it's precisely why we've chosen to implement gamification techniques into GBS.

v3.8: Reward Points, Improved Performance, Prime Daily Deal Theme

Our group buying software for WordPress offers more great features with today's release of GBS v3.8. For this update we've focused on improving the performance and compatibility of GBS as well as delivering an updated daily deal theme. We've also added a major change to the credit system and expanded it to accommodate some really exciting possibilities for our daily deal software.

Prime: A Responsive Successor To The Premium Daily Deal Theme For WordPress

We're constantly improving our group buying software platform with every iteration but we found ourselves noticing how the classic Premium daily deal theme for WordPress was in need of a major update. Today we're glad to announce Prime, the new default WordPress daily deal theme for GBS and the Premium theme's successor. Prime is a responsive group buying theme for WordPress that conforms to multiple device sizes including the popular iPad, iPhones and Android phones.

Group Buying Software For Multiple Daily Deal Sales Models

Our group buying software has grown into a powerful ecommerce platform that can be used to meet various needs such as selling digital goods, selling physical products or selling daily deals. As the daily deal business continues to evolve so will the sales models that daily deal sites employ to attract customers and merchants. Compared to hosted daily deal solutions and other group buying software providers which take a cookie cutter approach, we have developed a versatile ecommerce software solution that allows you to create a unique website and utilize any of these sales concepts.

New Add-ons: Checkout Notes, Embeddable Widgets, Upcoming Deals

Some fantastic new add-ons are now available in the GBS marketplace! These new additions offer some great options to help increase traffic to your site, receive special messages from customers upon checking out, as well as display upcoming deals to your customers. If you're an existing GBS member and you have any questions about these add-ons, please post them to the add-on's forum and the developer will address them as soon as possible.