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v3.6: Single Checkout Page, Bit.ly Integration, Cashback, Discounts, Rewards, Membership

GBS v3.6 offers a streamlined approach for handling customer registrations and purchases. By condensing both into a single shopping cart checkout page, the visitor can register and initiate a purchase in a single step. This new version includes the integration of Bit.ly to shorten lengthy URLs and provide users the ability to track the performance of their referral link when sharing it across Facebook, Twitter, and email. We're also announcing the addition of four new add-ons now available in the GBS marketplace.

New Add-ons: Piggy Pro and WP Touch Pro Integration

For GBS members that are using the premium theme, we've released a free add-on to improve mobile device compatibility. This new add-on integrates the popular WPtouch Pro theme to offer your visitors a clean mobile experience on their iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android devices. Our other big news for the day includes an add-on release for Piggy Pro, a web application that allows you to view deal and product sales performance of your GBS-powered site from the comfort of your iOS and Android devices.

Shop E-Commerce Theme For WordPress

Today we are excited to announce the official release of a new WordPress ecommerce theme named Shop E-commerce which utilizes GBS v3.5. This ecommerce theme for WordPress (WP) allows you to leverage the social commerce features built into GBS and apply them to selling products rather than traditional daily deals. The Shop WordPress ecommerce theme includes the many new shipping and tax options released in GBS v3.4, new filters, a responsive web design, elegant product sliders, and many more features to help you take your ecommerce site to the next level.

Featured Add-on: Auto Cart and Widget

AJAXThe AJAX Cart add-on provides a way for your registered visitors to easily add items to their cart without being redirected. After activating this add-on clicking the standard add-to-cart button the item will be added to the customer's cart in the background, a notification will show (same as the default notification), the cart count will increment in the header and if you add the AJAX Cart Widget to the sidebar (included in this add-on) it will be dynamically updated.

Selling Daily Deals, Physical Products, Digital Goods, And More!

GBS is an easy to use ecommerce solution that lets you create your own online store to sell physical goods and digital products as well as sell daily deals. What's more, you can employ multiple sales models to recruit additional merchants and attract more customers. The GBS marketplace allows you to easily expand the capabilities of your GBS site through the many add-ons offered. Here we've highlighted some of the many cool things you can do with GBS and why it's considered to be the best daily deal software available.

GBS v3.4: Goodbye v2, Hello Improved Shipping & Tax Options, Notifications, Admin Navigation, Help Section

Today we're releasing a major update (v3.4) to the GBS daily deal software which includes many improvements and new features. If you haven't already updated from GBS v2, we strongly encourage you to do that soon as we'll be discontinuing support for it within the next few weeks and removing all documentation and related forums. For those of you that are updating to v3.4, you'll be pleased to see that we've expanded the shipping and tax features to address several needs. Per your request we've incorporated a new voucher activated notification and you may can now easily turn on/off any or all notifications if you wish to do so. What's more, we've streamlined the administrative panel for easier navigation and created an add-ons section so you can quickly see what's new in the GBS Marketplace from within your own dashboard. Finally, we've added a new help section, implemented the new WP 3.3. feature pointers, and generated a guided tour to help new users quickly get GBS setup on their site.

Social Buying Add-ons For Payment Gateways, Management, Membership, Backgrounds, Sales Stats

GBS continues to expand its daily deal software abilities via the ever growing Add-on Marketplace. We recently released a bunch of new add-ons that you can immediately start using on your own GBS-powered social buying site. These add-ons provide live sales statistics and commission reporting for vendors, more payment gateways options (Moneris, Sage Pay, BluePay), the ability to assign staff members to manage specific locations, options for restricting deal access to specific roles or users, and setting custom backgrounds that automatically adjust to the width of the visitor's browser.