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A Responsive Daily Deal Theme To Rule Them All

We're releasing a new social buying theme to compliment the GBS v3.2 daily deal software features and address compatibility across all mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, etc.). The new theme features improved styling options as well as support for QR codes. Our new "responsive" daily deal theme not only provides more features and styling options, but it transforms your site into a Web app thereby bypassing the requirement and costs associated with building multiple mobile applications for your GBS-powered daily deal website.

Daily Deal Software Features For GBS v3.1, New Add-on Marketplace

GBS is a white label daily deal software platform that's greatly evolved this past year into becoming a flexible ecommerce storefront that not only allows you to construct daily deals, but also sell digital goods (e.g. ebooks, music files, images, etc.), and tangible products. This latest version incorporates new features that serve to address such social commerce needs and improve the existing daily deal site functionality. Here at GBS we are striving to create an social buying software platform that breeds innovation while also meeting our existing clients needs. To further advance that initiative we are launching our Add-on Marketplace to extend the functionality of GBS and to better serve our ever growing community of users.

Top 10 Reasons Why GBS Is The Best Daily Deal Software

With the release of GBS v3.0, it's clear that our daily deal software has evolved well beyond its original scope to incorporate more advanced social commerce features. As the daily deal market continues to grow its important to note what differentiates GBS. Herein we identify some key differences between our daily deals software solution and what other providers are offering. We believe you'll be quite pleased to discover the straightforward pricing, ever growing feature set, and greater flexibility that's possible with GBS.

More Daily Deal Software Features, Capabilities With GBS v3.0!

We've been working diligently to improve our WordPress based daily deal software and make it much more versatile. This new GBS version incorporates new and exciting features that will allow GBS to greatly expand its previous capabilities. There are so many changes with this new version it required that we skip the v2.5 release and go straight to v3.0. We've completely refactored the old group buying plugin and group buying theme to permit more integration possibilities. Below is a list of some of the major changes and features we've implemented for our daily deal software.

GBS Software v2.1: Push To Daily Deal Aggregators, PagSeguro, PayFast, Past & Live Deals

Our daily deals software is a terrific option for either building your own group buying business or serving your own daily deals as a merchant. Large collective buying sites may have the upper hand in terms of funding but bootstrapping entrepreneurs and small business owners are much more agile, creative, and resourceful. Great ideas and successful businesses are born out of the need to solve a problem or offer a better solution. We are continually updating and improving our group buying software to help you do just that by integrating powerful social buying features and providing you with the tools you need to help your daily deals business thrive. Feedback from our customers is a top priority to ensure we deliver what they need to succeed. Many updates and improvements have been made in this latest GBS version based on requests from GBS members. We've outlined several of these feature additions below.

GBS Software v2.0: Members-only Flash Sales, Milestone Pricing, Child Theme, Side Deals

Wow, it's nearly 2011 can you believe it!? Before we say goodbye to 2010, we must give a big thank you to all our wonderful GBS members for being such terrific clients. To signify our appreciation we're releasing the latest version of our white label group buying software that's stuffed with lots of new cool features. Your support as a GBS member has been a driving force for us to continue innovating and adding powerful features to our white label daily deals software. You're absolutely the best and we couldn't do it without you!