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GBS v1.8: Downloadable Product Deals, Automatic Capture, More Payment Gateways

If you're a current group buying site (GBS) member you may be scratching your head at this announcement and wondering what happened to v1.4-v1.7. Well, in the past several weeks we've received terrific feedback from GBS members in regards to new options and features they'd like to see implemented. It just worked out that several of those suggestions were dependent on additional features that were planned as well. Thus, our development team responded accordingly and they've been working hard to deliver these new functions in one big release instead of breaking them up into many smaller ones.

GBS v1.3 Update

Recently we released version 1.3 for our Group Buying Site plugin and theme. This new version includes several fixes and new feature additions.

Authorization and Capture – When activated, the authorization-capture plugin changes the "credits" to dollars. It also permits you to obtain automatic authorization for payments and later capture funds in your PayPal account. This is important if you set a minimum number of purchases required to activate a deal because the default group buying plugin processes payments immediately. Previously this required that you refund a payment if the minimum number of buys was not met since vouchers are only generated if the minimum is met AND after the deal ends. Now, if the minimum is not met, you can simply cancel the authorization in your PayPal account without refunding a payment. Future updates for this will target automatically capturing funds once the deal ends.

WordPress Group Buying Plugin & Daily Deals Theme Now Available

Group Buying Site LogoToday we are pleased to announce the launch of the Group Buying Plugin and Group Buying Theme for WordPress. Daily deal sites like Groupon have demonstrated the incredible success that group buying can obtain when it's combined with time-sensitive discount sales delivered to deal-hungry email subscribers. Groupon has been touted as the fastest growing company ever by Forbes, and despite only being two years old, it has amassed an estimated $225 million in revenue (half of $450 million saved by consumers to date). The profit and growth potential of the daily deals market is enormous.