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v3.6: Single Checkout Page, Bit.ly Integration, Cashback, Discounts, Rewards, Membership

GBS v3.6 offers a streamlined approach for handling customer registrations and purchases. By condensing both into a single shopping cart checkout page, the visitor can register and initiate a purchase in a single step. This new version includes the integration of Bit.ly to shorten lengthy URLs and provide users the ability to track the performance of their referral link when sharing it across Facebook, Twitter, and email. We’re also announcing the addition of four new add-ons now available in the GBS marketplace.

Single Page Checkout

In previous GBS versions, the user had register or login separately before they could add a product or deal to their shopping cart and begin the checkout process. By adding the ability to register or login on the checkout page, we’ve made it much easier for a user to join your site and complete a purchase. All the GBS themes (Shop, Response, Premium) now support a single page checkout.

gbs response theme checkout single page

Bit.ly Integration

Each user is given their own unique referral link to share with their friends on Facebook, Twitter or through an email. These referral links can become quite lengthy depending on the item’s title. Bit.ly offers a great solution for shortening those ugly referral links while also providing each user with click statistics.

bitly stats

HTML Support For Meta Fields

This update allows you to input basic HTML into various fields when creating or editing a deal or product. For instance you may want to apply some formatting to emphasize specific words, add a link, or create a numbered list.

Advanced Referral Rewards

GBS provides the option to give users a certain amount of credits for each sale that’s generated through their referral link. The amount of credits is set by the administrator on a site-wide basis. With the Advanced Referral Rewards add-on you can now assign credits on a per deal basis. Doing so allows you to match the reward to the price of each individual deal or product you’re selling.

gbs credit rewards add-on

Cashback Rewards Add-on

gbs cashback rewards addonThis add-on provides a terrific way to effectively reward your customers and provide an incentive for them to become frequent buyers. It will award a number of credits to a user’s account when they purchase a specific deal or product. The amount of credits awarded can vary for each deal or product you offer. Those credits can then be used to purchase other items. Cashback Rewards can also be used to serve as an alternative model to a typical daily deal. For example, instead of offering $40 worth of product or services for $20, you can price the deal at $40 and give the buyer $20 worth of credit instead. The discount is the same in both cases but a user is more likely to return to buy again when their account holds the credit.

Discount Code Add-on

The Checkout Discount Codes add-on create a unique promotional code and assign it to any deals or products on your site. Users can enter the discount code when buying a specific deal or product to obtain the savings the code provides. The administrator may set an expiration date for code, track how many times the code has been used and for what orders, limit how many times the code may be used, or restrict its use in combination with other discount codes.

gbs discount code addon

Membership Club Add-on

gbs membership addonThe new Membership add-on can be used to offer exclusive deals to VIP members that pay a subscription fee for access. It can also help transform your entire site into a flash sales membership club. Subscription payments are automatically handled via PayPal Standard or PayPal Website Payments Pro. This add-on may be used in combination with the Loyalty Pricing add-on to create alternative pricing levels for members as well.


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