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New Crowdfunding Theme For WordPress, Reward Points Purchasing Add-on

Our group buying software platform continues to expand with today’s announcement of our white label Crowdfunding Theme for WordPress. We’ve integrated some of the best features of the GBS platform into this new WordPress fundraising theme. This includes the ability to set a tipping point required to activate a crowdfunding project. This unique feature allows people to join together to group-fund things like trips, gifts, and other group based fundraising projects. If a group-funded project doesn’t meet the minimum goal, no one is charged. We’ve also integrated traditional group buying purchase limits (e.g. maximum contribution per user, maximum total, etc.). Just like traditional crowdfunding sites, you can create multiple contribution levels, allow sponsors to post updates to a fundraising project, and permit contributors/backers to post comments. In addition, we’ve also added a sponsor directory where visitors can view and filter sponsors by category. Checkout the video above for a quick overview and review the complete details about the WordPress Crowdfunding Theme at CrowdFundingSite.net.

We’ve also just released a new add-on that allows your customers to purchase Reward Points (aka Credits). This new add-on takes full advantage of the integrated gamification based reward features now available for GBS v3.8. Briefly, the Reward Points Purchasing add-on allows your customer to purchase reward points which can then be used to purchase deals or products. By offering packages of Reward Points for sale, you can increase customer loyalty and revenue while also giving the customer a discount. It’s akin to purchasing virtual currency or credit for one’s account. The site owner can also set the value of a reward point by modifying the exchange rate feature provided in GBS v3.8. If you want to further extend the Reward Points feature, checkout the Rewards System add-on which lets users earn Reward Points for completing specific actions on your GBS-powered site.

gbs reward points purchase

Create deal, set price and credit amount to be awarded

If you have any questions about the new add-on or Crowdfunding theme, post them in the forum or send us an email.


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