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Social Buying Add-ons For Payment Gateways, Management, Membership, Backgrounds, Sales Stats

GBS continues to expand its daily deal software abilities via the ever growing Add-on Marketplace. We recently released a bunch of new add-ons that you can immediately start using on your own GBS-powered social buying site. These add-ons provide live sales statistics and commission reporting for vendors, more payment gateways options (Moneris, Sage Pay, BluePay), the ability to assign staff members to manage specific locations, options for restricting deal access to specific roles or users, and setting custom backgrounds that automatically adjust to the width of the visitor’s browser.

Live Sales Statistics – This new add-on delivers instant reports so you can track sales revenue that’s generated by your site. The administrator may also use this tool to identify commission amounts due to vendors as well as easily comparing how sales performed for a given time period.

When you activate the Live Sales Statistics add-on a new sales menu is added to your dashboard providing quick access to your social buying site’s sales figures. You can choose to see your sales statistics filtered for items sold today, yesterday, this week, last week, (and so on…), or you can specify a custom date range.

When editing a deal, the reporting fields can be set on the right sidebar giving you the options to set important reporting details for deal management. Options include setting the deal’s source (Test, In-House or 3rd-party), the commission percentage per deal (if any), as well as the commission amount to be sent to the merchant (if any). Live Sales Statistics will save you from the hassle of manually collecting and calculating sales figures while also providing a means to quickly compare sales figures for all deals and products you sell on your social buying site.

Moneris Payments – Integrates Moneris with GBS so you can use their payment gateway to accept online payments from buyers.

Sage Pay – Allows you to utilize Sage Pay as your payment gateway provider to receive online payments for deals/products that you sell on your GBS-powered social buying website.

BluePay – Permits you to use BluePay’s online payment processing solution to obtain payments from your customers.

Restrict locations for editors and admins – A GBS add-on that allows you to assign editors or other staff members of your site to specific locations. They may then view, create, and edit deals/products assigned to that particular location. An administrator may restrict access to locations on a per user basis or as a per role basis.

Lockdown – Extends the Force Login option GBS includes by default. When Lockdown is activated users cannot view deals and potentially purchase them, however access their account profile is allowed and they can access all other pages on your social buying website. Combined with the Force Login option only users you register would have access to your site and when Lockdown is disabled access to your deals.

Backstretch image resizer – A simple but effective add-on that automatically sets the background image size to accommodate the width of any visitor’s browser. It’s a terrific addition to your GBS-powered site, especially if you want to assign a unique background image to each location (e.g. Chicago, New York, etc.).


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