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More Daily Deal Software Features, Capabilities With GBS v3.0!

We’ve been working diligently to improve our WordPress based daily deal software and make it much more versatile. This new GBS version incorporates new and exciting features that will allow GBS to greatly expand its previous capabilities. There are so many changes with this new version it required that we skip the v2.5 release and go straight to v3.0. We’ve completely refactored the old group buying plugin and group buying theme to permit more integration possibilities. Below is a list of some of the major changes and features we’ve implemented for our daily deal software.

Shopping cart – Permits the buyer to add new items to their cart and continue shopping before checking out. This is a great option for displaying additional side deals to the buyer and increasing sales.

Support for product based sales – We’ve integrated shipping and tax features to support product based daily deal sales as well. In an upcoming release we’ll expand upon this set of options to provide even more delicious social buying features.

Translator – A very cool new feature that allows you to change any text displayed on the GBS theme in just a few seconds without digging into code. Simply copy and paste the original text you want replaced into the translator and add the alternate text to be displayed in its place.

Merchants/businesses system – We’ve modified the approach from previous GBS versions giving vendors their own user role. Merchants can register on your daily deal site, submit deals for review, track sales, and much more. The business directory feature allows the administrator to showcase all vendors’ information and display what deals they’ve offered on the site.

Business directory – Merchants can create their own profile page to display information about their business. All merchant profiles are shown on a dedicated business directory page that can be browsed by category.

Full or minimal registration – The site administrator can set the registration to be very simple (e.g. username and password) or require more information from the user upon registering.

Deal reports – Provides both the merchant and the administrator a view of all purchases for a given deal that can be exported

Popular SEO plugin compatibility – GBS is compatible with the popular All In One SEO Pack WordPress plugin. Support for other popular SEO plugins is coming soon!

Customizable notification system – We’ve expanded upon the email notifications so that you can easily create a new notification and insert shortcodes to display other personalized information to the user (e.g. username, site title, transaction id, etc.).

Purchase deal as a gift – A user may now purchase a deal as a gift for one of their friends! The friend is notified of the purchase and they simply login to obtain the deal.

Additional payment gateways – We’ve integrated PayPal Standard with Adaptive Payments, NMI, and Beanstream (available as add-on) with v3.0. We’ll be adding support for more payment gateways in the future.

Improved GBS design with color schemes – We’ve developed a completely different GBS theme with the latest version release. The new group buying theme offers an elegant design with additional color schemes that can be easily selected from the settings page.

Automatic updates – You no longer have to manually update GBS. Now you can simply click the update link to automatically update your site to the latest GBS version.


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