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Daily Deal Software Features For GBS v3.1, New Add-on Marketplace

GBS is a white label daily deal software platform that’s greatly evolved this past year into becoming a flexible ecommerce storefront that not only allows you to construct daily deals, but also sell digital goods (e.g. ebooks, music files, images, etc.), and tangible products. This latest version incorporates new features that serve to address such social commerce needs and improve the existing daily deal site functionality. Here at GBS we are striving to create an social buying software platform that breeds innovation while also meeting our existing clients needs. To further advance that initiative we are launching our Add-on Marketplace to extend the functionality of GBS and to better serve our ever growing community of users.

Product & Deal Attributes – This extends the feature set of GBS by letting you add multiple offers to a single deal or product you want to sell. These custom attributes (e.g. color, size, level, charity, etc.) permit you to set a different price per item, the maximum inventory number you want to sell, enter a custom sku number, and assign a charity or fundraising organization for each item as well. The buyer simply selects the attribute for the item and adds it to their shopping cart to complete the purchase.

Potential uses:

  • Sell event tickets with different prices based on seating area
  • Partner with fundraising organizations or schools with a particular deal or product. Buyers can select the charity for which they want a portion of their purchase to be donated. After the deal ends simply pay the charitable organization the funds that were raised.
  • Price products based on their color (e.g. bronze, silver, gold, etc.)
  • Set prices for items according to their size (e.g. small, medium, large)

Improved Merchant Reporting – Merchants can redeem vouchers by logging into their own account and entering the security code on the voucher. This is especially helpful when the merchant is running the deal at several locations. The admin may also leverage this feature to only pay vendors for vouchers that are redeemed. The merchant can add any notes to each sale, enter the redeemer’s name, the date for which the voucher was redeemed, and the total amount the customer paid upon redeeming the voucher.

Internationalization – We’ve expanded the list of countries and states that you can use as options. From Anguilla to Zimbabwe, we’ve got you covered!

Credits And Gifting For Offsite Payment Gateways – Those of you that are accepting payments from customers at the payment gateway’s website can take advantage of the gifting and credits feature too.

GBS Add-on Marketplace – Today we are very excited to unleash the creativity of developers on the GBS platform. Through this marketplace, developers may create and sell add-ons that extend the capabilities of GBS. We expect the new ecosystem to deliver many new and exciting opportunities for our users and further innovate online to offline commerce. If you’re a web or mobile developer that’s ready to build the next killer GBS feature or theme and you don’t mind making some $$$ in the process, we’d love for you to join us.


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