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A Responsive Daily Deal Theme To Rule Them All

We’re releasing a new social buying theme to compliment the GBS v3.2 daily deal software features and address compatibility across all mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, etc.). The new theme features improved styling options as well as support for QR codes. Our new “responsive” daily deal theme not only provides more features and styling options, but it transforms your site into a Web app thereby bypassing the requirement and costs associated with building multiple mobile applications for your GBS-powered daily deal website.

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Why is the new GBS theme called “Responsive”? – Easy question, it’s a responsive web design.

Why create a theme using responsive web design? – A better question would be, “what problem does responsive web design solve?”. Web browsers are everywhere but not every browser is the same size. So instead of designing for the web browser only on your laptop or desktop PC we can also design for mobile devices, including tablets, we could also design for those large 20+ inch monitors as well.

GBS Responsive Theme

Notice how each device above has a different layout but adheres to the same look and feel of the standard website view? It’s not just about changing layouts to make it look better — it’s about being responsive to how the user interacts. Consider how you need to click on an iPhone, it’s with your finger instead of a mouse, this is far less accurate; with our Responsive Theme action items are large and easy to click when the view is smaller.

GBS Voucher ManagementA great example of how we accomplished this would be the buttons, purchase buttons are full screen width on browsers like the one on the iPhone. Another example is how forms change shape and input fields are large and easy to select with a touch.

GBS 3.2 brings QR codes to vouchers, because of this we made the responsive theme work like an iPhone or Android Application for your merchants. Simply scanning the QR code with a mobile application will open up their mobile browser and direct them to the mobile responsive voucher management screen (show to the right).

We also took care of warning your merchants of when a voucher has already been claimed.

GBS voucher expiredWhy not a mobile application? – Why bother? As you can tell a responsive theme provides you the same functionality a native iPhone or Android app might provide. Except that updating a website with some CSS or HTML  is a whole lot easier than learning JAVA or Object-C; imagine if you wanted to customize your application to fit your brand better, well with a mobile web app (which this is) you just need to update your theme.

With iOS and Android providing homescreen bookmarks, these websites can be saved by your loyal customers with ease.

Customizations… Speaking of customizations the responsive theme brings custom CSS to a whole new level with an entire options page dedicated to changing site colors, fonts and font-sizes.

Not only do you have the ability to customize your site with your brand’s color scheme but you’re able to select your favorite webfonts. Since the Responsive Theme uses the Google Webfonts API, you have hundreds of premium webfonts to choose from. See for yourself!

GBS Responsive Theme Styling

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