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Gamification Integrated Via Reward Points Checkout, Rewards System Add-on


Gamification refers to the integration of game techniques into non-game applications in an effort to improve user engagement. When it’s implemented correctly into one’s site it can boost customer loyalty and instill a sense of entertainment or fun for the customer. Overall this may act to increase visitor traffic, result in more product sales, and ultimately generate more revenue for the website owner. These are terrific benefits for anyone running their own online business and it’s precisely why we’ve chosen to implement gamification techniques into GBS.

Last week we released GBS v3.8 with very exciting and innovate features called Reward Points and Account Balance. This was the first step of integrating gamification techniques into our group buying software platform. Reward Points are given to users when their referral link is shared on Facebook or Twitter and it results in a sale. These action based rewards were created to increase customer loyalty and user engagement for GBS site owners. Like the Account Balance, Reward Points can also be used to purchase products and deals but the value of a Reward Point can be greatly modified by altering the exchange rate from within the GBS settings panel (see image below). The new system allows the site admin to determine the value of an Account Balance as well. The ability to set the value of both the Account Balance and Reward Points gives GBS site owners the ability to manage both separately with a tremendous amount of fine control.

GBS account balance and reward points exchange rate

The Rewards System add-on extends the new Reward Points gamification feature built into v3.8 by allowing customers to receive points for performing additional actions. Version 1.0 of the Reward System add-on includes actions such as purchasing a deal or product, commenting on a deal or product, and making the very first purchase for a given deal offering or product. The administrator can assign the exact amount of points that should be automatically awarded for each action that is completed. New reward actions will be implemented in the next update based on the suggestions collected from Reward System add-on users.

GBS rewards system add-on features v1.0

As you can see we are laser focused on implementing new technologies and innovative features that benefit GBS members. Gamification is just one example of the tremendous commitment we have to our customers and the GBS platform. No other group buying software or hosted daily deal software solution offers such features and flexibility. The development roadmap for GBS includes many more exciting features and gamification techniques that will greatly improve user engagement and customer loyalty for GBS-powered site owners. As a GBS member you can submit and vote on feature suggestions you’d like to see added to the GBS platform. If you’re an experienced WordPress developer, you can easily modify GBS to meet your clients’ needs or offer custom built add-ons through the marketplace to further extend GBS. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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