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GBS 4.0: Multiple Payment Options, Guest Purchasing, Automatic Add-on Updates, And More!

Can you believe we’re already at version 4.0 of the Group Buying Site ecommerce platform? We can’t either. It’s a very exciting time for our ecommerce platform for WordPress because we are taking it to the next level with the release of 4.0.


Multiple Payment Gateways

A feature that’s been in the planning for months has finally come to GBS…multiple payment options for your customers. Select multiple offsets payment processors and a single onsite credit card processor. This allows an admin to select Authorize.net, for example, as their credit card processor while also allowing customers to pay offsite using PayPal.

GBS payment options from admin panel

Payment processors shown above may require additional purchase from the marketplace.

GBS 4.0 brings these options to the checkout page. Also shown is the new credit card icons that dynamically highlight based on user input.

WP ecommerce platform checkout options

Customers can select from any offsite processor you assign and (if selected) an onsite credit card processor.

Guest Purchasing

GBS has had the feature to allow prospective customers to register and login at checkout for a while now but 4.0 brings true Guest Purchasing. This permits the customer to purchase without entering any registration information and checkout quickly.

GBS WP ecommerce platform guest purchase

Before and after guest purchase selection.


New Confirmation Pages

After purchasing, a new confirmation page (available on all GBS themes) will be provided to your customers. This helps guest checkouts get their voucher/invoice immediately and the new page improves social sharing with “share and earn” links that are bit.ly compatible.

GBS WP commerce platform confirmation page on checkout


Order Lookup

The new guest checkout option required GBS to incorporate a new order lookup page as well.

Order lookup option for WP ecommerce platform

After adding an order number and matching billing city (for security purposes) the customer’s order is displayed.

Order lookup result for GBS ecommerce platform for WordPress


Purchase and Install Add-on from your Admin

We want to make add-on purchasing, installation, and updates as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve implemented the option to browse, purchase, install, and automatically update add-ons from your GBS-powered site’s administrative dashboard.

Purchase add-ons and install on GBS dashboard


Add-on Automatic Updates

Yes! All of your add-ons will now be getting automatic updates. Now you don’t have to check your account page to see if your favorite add-on has been updated, it will now show up like GBS and its themes in the updates area of WordPress.

GBS WordPress ecommerce platform with automatic add-on updates


Additional Updates

If all those big feature additions weren’t enough, here’s a list of the additional features that are coming to GBS 4.0 and the 2.0 updates of the GBS themes.

  • Shipping can be easily populated with a simple “Same and Billing” checkbox on checkout.
  • Responsiveness optimizations to themes.
  • Hooks to allow attributes in a deal submission.
  • Auto update improvements.
  • Auto install of a child theme, if site is currently not using one.
  • CrowdFunding Theme Updates include project blog, commenting capability and more.



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