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GBS v1.3 Update

Recently we released version 1.3 for our Group Buying Site plugin and theme. This new version includes several fixes and new feature additions.

Authorization and Capture – When activated, the authorization-capture plugin changes the “credits” to dollars. It also permits you to obtain automatic authorization for payments and later capture funds in your PayPal account. This is important if you set a minimum number of purchases required to activate a deal because the default group buying plugin processes payments immediately. Previously this required that you refund a payment if the minimum number of buys was not met since vouchers are only generated if the minimum is met AND after the deal ends. Now, if the minimum is not met, you can simply cancel the authorization in your PayPal account without refunding a payment. Future updates for this will target automatically capturing funds once the deal ends.

Disabling PayPal and Credit Card Payment Options – Added to this version is an option to hide the PayPal or CC payment forms on the checkout page. This is done on the Group Buying Settings page from the admin panel. This will permit you to only use PayPal or CC for payments or both.

GBS PayPal Settings

Today’s Deal Redirection – This allows you to set a conditional link to display today’s deal for each user based on their preferred location.

Redirect Away From Homepage – If the user has set a preferred location, this prevents them from seeing the homepage again and requiring them to subscribe.


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