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GBS v1.8: Downloadable Product Deals, Automatic Capture, More Payment Gateways

If you’re a current group buying site (GBS) member you may be scratching your head at this announcement and wondering what happened to v1.4-v1.7. Well, in the past several weeks we’ve received terrific feedback from GBS members in regards to new options and features they’d like to see implemented. It just worked out that several of those suggestions were dependent on additional features that were planned as well. Thus, our development team responded accordingly and they’ve been working hard to deliver these new functions in one big release instead of breaking them up into many smaller ones.

Well Done Support Team!
Before we dig into what’s exactly included in this release, we must acknowledge the tremendous work our support team has been doing lately. Time logs and customer reports indicate that every support request has been promptly addressed with very little delay and nearly all support tickets were closed the same day they were opened. Support is a top priority for us here at GBS and we’re very pleased to hear results like these as they clearly demonstrate our commitment to delivering excellent support for all our customers. Comments such as, “Thanks for great communication. It’s a breath of fresh air”, “You’re awesome!” and “Thank you so much for the fast response” are just a few examples of the many delightful things our customers have said about our support team members.

Deals For Downloadable Goods!
Probably the most exciting and ground breaking feature included in this new GBS version is the ability to sell downloadable goods! To our knowledge, GBS is the first and only group buying software that allows you to harness the power of social buying to offer huge discounts on downloadable products. Obviously this is a very big deal as it makes it possible for GBS members to now market their site beyond simply offering deals on tangible goods and services. GBS site owners can now sell digital products like software, ebooks, videos, photos, music, and documents! As you can imagine, this is wonderful news for writers, bloggers, photographers, musicians, web designers and developers that need an effective way to acquire new customers and increase sales.

More Payment Gateway Options
Since launching GBS, PayPal Website Payments Pro has been the only payment gateway option available for GBS members. With the release of v1.8, that’s no longer the case as GBS site owners may now choose to process payments using either PayPal Standard or Authorize.net in addition to PayPal Pro. Like our PayPal Pro option, we’ve integrated a PayPal Sandbox mode so members can easily test their site before going live with PayPal Standard too.

Automatically Capture Funds (beta)
In addition to more payment gateway options, we’ve added automated capture abilities for PayPal Website Payment Pro and Authorize.net. This means that all payments are automatically captured so you don’t have to manually process previously authorized funds after every deal ends. For many members this was a highly desired feature so we’re very pleased that we were able to expedite its delivery.

Other Updates

  • Improved Error Messaging For Failed Payment Attempts – When a payment attempt fails, a buyer needs to know why it has failed so they can make the correction and complete the purchase. We’ve added more support and messaging for failed payments in v1.8 to ensure that buyers are able to do just that. Whether a payment attempt fails because the buyer didn’t enter the correct information into the credit card form, or the credit card was simply rejected, the user will be well aware of what to do next in order to complete their purchase. Note: If you’re not using the GBS Theme, refer to the documentation on how to implement this.
  • Registration email – Upon registering, new users will immediately be sent an email containing their username and password.
  • Redirects for new and existing users – After registering, the new user will now be automatically redirected to:

    1. The last deal they viewed – This is great for attempted purchases without being logged in (if no deal was viewed, see #2)
    2. The deals page (/deals) – Set by their previously attained location preference (if no location is set, see #3)
    3. Account page (/account)

    The logic is based in that order but if the user attempts to purchase a deal and they need to login or register to do so, they will be directed back to that deal, since that’s the deal they last viewed.

  • Thesis Compatibility – GBS v1.8 is fully compatible with the Thesis theme. Stay tuned for thesis templates to make your GBS powered Thesis site look great!
  • More filters and hooks for developers – We’ve added a ton of new filters and hooks across the entire plugin. However, if you find yourself wishing there were more, just let us know and we’ll add them to the next release. We want to make it super easy for you to implement future updates.
  • Updated checkout page – Based on some suggestions from you, we’ve updated the purchase page to improve the checkout experience.

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