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GBS Software v2.0: Members-only Flash Sales, Milestone Pricing, Child Theme, Side Deals

Wow, it’s nearly 2011 can you believe it!? Before we say goodbye to 2010, we must give a big thank you to all our wonderful GBS members for being such terrific clients. To show our appreciation we’re releasing the latest version of our white label group buying software that’s stuffed with lots of new cool features. Your support as a GBS member has been a driving force for us to continue innovating and adding powerful features to our white label daily deals software. You’re absolutely the best and we couldn’t do it without you!

Side Deals
We’ve added a recent deals widget and a related deals widget so you can effortlessly display additional daily deals in your website’s sidebar.

I Don’t See My City
The feature allows the visitor to select this option from the subscription form if their city isn’t in the list. It’s a great way to not only gather emails from locations you haven’t expanded your daily deal site to yet but identify untapped neighborhoods, cities, or niche markets.

Customizable Emails
Now you can easily modify email notifications that are sent to customers. We’ve added basic HTML support as well so you can add some styling to them if you want.

Milestone Pricing (beta)
This feature allows you to set defined milestones for the number of purchases and the corresponding price for the deal when those milestones are achieved. This type of pricing is a win-win situation for all parties involved. It encourages the buyers to share more with their friends to reduce the final price they pay, while also achieving more online traffic and sales for the deal site and vendor.

Dedicated Email List Per Location
We’ve expanded the MailChimp integration so you can now assign a single email list for each location that you target.

Child Theme
GBS members who own the top software package will get a new child theme that’s much more than just a few template changes. This child theme is a great example of what you can create yourself without modifying the core GBS theme. What’s more, we’ll be releasing additional GBS child themes in the near future. So if you’re thinking about upgrading, now is a great time to do that!

Post Purchase Thank You Page
This feature permits the admin to redirect the user to any page after he or she completes a purchase. You can use this to explain what’s next or express your gratitude to the buyer. Another added benefit of this feature is to let the admin incorporate affiliate program tracking codes and conversion tracking scripts for measuring the effectiveness your advertising (e.g. Google AdWords) and marketing campaigns.

Deal Page RSS
Adds an RSS feed to your /deals page (/deals/feed/) so visitors can easily subscribe to all your deals via RSS.

Post Email Sign-up Thank You Page
Allows the admin to redirect the user to a thank you page after subscribing to your email list. Like the post purchase redirect, you can add affiliate tracking scripts and ad conversion codes to reward your affiliates for any email list sign-ups they refer as well as monitor the ability of your advertisements to generate sales.

Email Subscription Form Added To Registration
This is a highly desired feature by GBS members that we just had to incorporate into v2.0. Upon registering, new users now merely checkmark a box to subscribe to an email list.

Easily Add Tracking Scripts
We’ve implemented a footer placement so you can now just copy and paste your Google Analytics and other tracking codes or scripts into your GBS-driven website.

We’re including a Portuguese translation of GBS v2.0 and plan to add other translations in the future. If you’d like to inquire about getting GBS translated in your language, please contact us.

Stay Logged In After Registering
A simple addition that keeps users logged in after they register. Prior to this addition the user had to login after completing the registration.

Province or State Filters For Checkout
Allows the admin to display either the Province or State on the credit card during checkout for countries like Canada.

Members-only Flash Sales Site
A very cool feature that permits you to limit access to your site so only members can take advantage of the flash sales and exclusive daily deal offerings. This is a terrific way to differentiate your daily deals site and attract high-end product or service vendors. Restricting membership adds a sense of prestige to your social commerce site and the exclusive nature of the private sales doesn’t risk diminishing a vendor’s brand.

Software Update Notification
In GBS v2.0 we’ve incorporated a notification that lets you know when a new version of GBS is available.

Add/Remove Deals From User’s Account
A simple interface to add or remove deals to a user’s record once after a deal ends. This can be used to address any errors made by a user or reward someone with a free deal as you see fit.


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