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GBS Software v2.1: Push To Daily Deal Aggregators, PagSeguro, PayFast, Past & Live Deals

Our daily deals software is a terrific option for either building your own group buying business or serving your own daily deals as a merchant. Large collective buying sites may have the upper hand in terms of funding but bootstrapping entrepreneurs and small business owners are much more agile, creative, and resourceful. Great ideas and successful businesses are born out of the need to solve a problem or offer a better solution. We are continually updating and improving our group buying software to help you do just that by integrating powerful social buying features and providing you with the tools you need to help your daily deals business thrive. Feedback from our customers is a top priority to ensure we deliver what they need to succeed. Many updates and improvements have been made in this latest GBS version based on requests from GBS members. We’ve outlined several of these feature additions below.

Location Based Backgrounds & Logos – This new feature permits the admin to set a different background image or logo for each location. Now you can match your design to each each city, neighborhood, or zip code for which you’re serving daily deals. For example, you may want to upload a background image of each city and put an additional spin on your logo to represent that location.

PagSeguro (beta) and PayFast (beta) – GBS now supports the PagSeguro and PayFast payment gateways. PagSeguro is one of the top online payment processing providers in Brazil and PayFast is a popular payment gateway in South Africa. We’re very pleased to be supporting these integrations with GBS and we’re excited to be serving our new Brazilian and South African GBS members.

Live Deals and Past Deals – Previously all deals were displayed on a single page. Per our members’ requests we’ve created two page templates to display current and closed deals separately.

Improved Sharing – A minor update but an important one to ensure that images and the deal description is included when deals are shared on Facebook and other popular social networking sites.

Affiliate XML feed – Allows you to export your deals to popular group buying aggregator sites to achieve more sales and traffic to your collective buying website. Right now we only support DealRadar but we’ll be adding more daily deal aggregation websites soon!

New Product Release Status Page – The GBS development team is dedicated to innovating the group buying market and deliver cool new features that expand on the idea of social buying. Development plans for software versions are dynamic and must change depending on several factors. Sometimes delivery dates for features must be moved up or pushed back based on recent news and customer needs. While its difficult to pin down what exactly is going to be included in an upcoming version we do want to provide our members with version progress updates. In order to address that need we’ve created a product release status page so GBS members can easily track the progress our development team is making towards releasing a new GBS version!


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