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GBS v3.9: The Destroyer, Theme Customizer, ShareThis, Deal Aggregation

Today’s release of GBS v3.9 is another major release with a focus on making record management easier, as well as integrating WordPress’ new theme customizer.

The Destroyer

Since purchases, orders, vouchers, deals, and accounts are tightly integrated, deleting any one of these in previous versions could cause problems. GBS now has a specialized controller dedicated to handling these complex operations.

Delete voucher and related records
From the voucher management screen, this new Delete Records button removes the voucher, all related records, as well as removing voucher from the deal’s purchase count.

Delete order/purchase
From the order management screen, this new Delete Purchase button will remove the order, gracefully remove all related payment and vouchers, and automatically reset the deals’ purchase counts.

Suspend an account
From the account management screen, accounts can be suspended, which locks a user out from purchasing with a “Please contact the site administrator” message.

For developers, the destroyer class also includes public functions to allow development of business model specific functions through a child theme to safely remove records, as well as ajax callbacks for each.

Additional Plugin Improvements

  • Gift checkout now contains additional validation to prevent false gift purchases.
  • “International Settings” have been greatly improved with amazing new UI and moved to “General Settings.”
  • Misc. performance and optimization updates.

Theme Customizer

All the current themes now take full advantage of the WordPress’ new theme customizer. The entire “Theme Styling” section has been moved within the customizer, allowing you to dial in your site’s look and feel with a live preview of your changes. This will require your site to be running WP 3.4+

Additional Theme Improvements

  • Based on one of our biggest requests, a new Facebook registration redirect option allows you to send Facebook registered users to a custom url, e.g. a subscription signup page.
  • All themes now use ShareThis for their sharing icons, including an option to input your own ShareThis API key, so sharing can be tracked.

Aggregation Add-on

A new aggregation add-on expands the plugin’s support for Local Offer Network/DealRadar’s deal aggregation feeds to include feeds matching the specs for several other aggregation sites. This add-on will create feeds formatted for automatic deal submission to Local Offer Network, DealRadar, Yipit, Commission JunctionPriceGrabber, and Google Products.


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