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GBS v4.3, v4.4: Maintenance Updates, Product Bundles, Free Deals, Dynamic Charities

We are releasing another update to our popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress today along with improvements to the Crowdfunding and JumpStart themes. Today’s v4.4 release is more of a maintenance update and most of the changes may not be noticeable unless you are using one of the crowdfunding themes. In addition to the ecommerce plugin and theme updates, we have added a few more add-ons to the GBS marketplace.

Maintenance updates for v4.4 address the following:

  • Updated filters
  • Contact info handling after checkout
  • Paypal error handling
  • Reward notifications
  • File uploads logic
  • Function updates

We did not post on the v4.3 update as this too was mostly maintenance improvements. Notable updates for v4.3 included the following:

  • Switching out all theme color pickers for Iris
  • Release of the JumpStart theme and its related updates
  • Improve error for login/registration on checkout
  • Paypal AP quantity fix
  • Hooks for Attributes
  • Help tips adjustment
  • Video embeds allowed in deal and merchant submissions
  • Deals are no longer hierarchical
  • Recurring payment adjustments for Membership add-on
  • Voucher activation issue found in rare instances with multiple payments
  • Paypal AP updates
  • Shortcode duplication fix¬†under certain circumstances
  • Make Dynamic Attribute selections off by default, with an add-on to easily enable
  • Hybrid processor fix under certain circumstances
  • Remove the custom template directory input (previously disabled)
  • Adjust PHP notices
  • Add additional filters to allow for future add-on support
  • SSL fix: Improperly redirecting to non-https when login is required
  • Optimize the account logout redirects
  • New function to return the registration form (for developers)
  • Fix for custom notifications not sending, related to account opt-out settings

Free Deals From Sharing
Free Deals allows a customer to earn a product or deal at no cost if enough of their friends have purchased it through their unique referral link.

Free Deals add-on for GBS


Product Bundles
Product bundles help drive more sales by offering the customer a discount in return for purchasing additional products or deals that usually compliment one another. This option is terrific for improving sales of existing items that you are already selling.

Bundled Deals


Dynamic Charities
Sprout Venture is releasing Dynamic Charity Contributions which is a follow up add-on to their popular Simple Charities plugin. Dynamic Charity Contributions permits the buyer to select a charity for which they would like to make a contribution and enter a specific donation amount prior to checking out.

Dynamic Charities


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