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An iOS Application For GBS!

We are very excited to announce our first mobile application: GBS for iOS! An iPhone app has been requested for awhile but mobile application development for complex systems can consume a great amount of resources. Thus we had to carefully consider how to approach this goal while also attempting to meet the various unique needs of different GBS customers.

At this point we have released an application to the iOS App Store for anyone to download and test. The app connects with our Prime demo so you can see the two work together to display such things as deals, carts, and vouchers.

Here’s a rundown of what the beta version of the iOS app offers:

  • View X deals on your site.
  • Filter deals by location, category, and name
  • Allow the user to login or register (syncs directly with site)
  • Ability to view vouchers for past purchases
  • Add/Remove an item to their cart (which syncs with the website)
  • Local app cache to¬†improve¬†speed
  • Uses GBS 4.1 API

Future development includes the following:

  • Purchasing (tbd)
  • Improved speed


Every app will require a bit of customization so we’ve partnered with Sprout Venture


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