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3 Simple Criteria to help you choose your website template design

Be it your business, organization, blog or anything else; the website is the essential part of your online presence. It is the face of your presence among millions of other websites out there and has to be creative and a valid extension of your business. Now what is a perfect site? We’ve come down to three simple criteria which you need to consider while creating the best and lasting impression on your customer base:

Content width design:

You have two options here –
Full width
Boxed width


The full-width layout is for those who want their website to be creative and vibrant. You can opt for the full width as it gives you a lot more space to contain your creativity in it. While for those who want to go in for a more formal setup, you can opt for the Boxed width, which is best suited for the needs of a business. And yes, do choose the right content width design as it is the most critical factor when it comes to designing an excellent website for your business.

Homepage header design:

This too depends on the intention behind which you are creating your website. You have three options here –
Static header

Choosing this wisely is essential too, as it is the first thing people who visit your site see. Going in for the first and second option is best suited for a business website. However, if you have multiple products that you want to showcase on the header, go in for the slideshow. Also, if you are opting for a video, ensure it’s crisp and short.

For those creatively inclined preferably opt for the slideshow or video options, cutting out on the static header. Your creative elements are best explored in the slideshow and video options making it more appealing and interactive.

Menu Bar design:

The type, layout and more importantly, the position of your menu bars are essential. Making your website as user-friendly as possible should be your target and starting off with carefully placed menus is excellent. The menu is like a guideline for the visitors to your website – so make sure you have your directions well in place.

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