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Prime: A Responsive Successor To The Premium Daily Deal Theme For WordPress

We’re constantly improving our group buying software platform with every iteration but we found ourselves noticing how the classic Premium daily deal theme for WordPress was in need of a major update. Today we’re glad to announce Prime, the new default WordPress daily deal theme for GBS and the Premium theme’s successor. Prime is a responsive group buying theme for WordPress that conforms to multiple device sizes including the popular iPad, iPhones and Android phones.

The Prime daily deal theme for WordPress is based on a responsive web design to accommodate the various sizes of computer monitors, smart televisions, and mobile devices that are available these days. In the screenshot above, the page automatically adjusts to the screen size of each device while also maintaining the same design. What’s more, as you change the size of your web browser or rotate your mobile device from a landscape to portrait mode, the elements of the page (e.g. menus, images, etc.) automatically respond to accommodate your specific viewing needs.

Like our responsive WordPress daily deal theme, Prime has been updated to include the Google Webfonts API so you can select form a huge pool of free webfonts. The color schemes that were available in the Premium WordPress daily deal theme have been removed in this new update and replaced with more specific color selection options giving you more control over how your site looks. We’ve even added a few extra color options beyond what is available in the current Response group buying theme for WP.

If you’re an existing user of the Premium daily deal theme for WordPress, there’s a few things you’ll need to do before making the switch. First, you’ll need to download the child theme for Prime which you should already have access to as an existing Premium theme owner. Second, you’ll need to apply all your custom modifications to the new child theme for Prime. Since a lot of markup changes have been implemented, your CSS for the Premium theme will most likely not result in the same designs. Most actions and filters however, will transition smoothly to a Prime child theme. We’ll continue to support the Premium theme and address bug fixes but it may not receive updates with future features. If you have a highly customized child theme based on the Premium daily deal theme for WordPress, it’s a good idea to start transitioning now.


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