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Selling Daily Deals, Physical Products, Digital Goods, And More!


GBS is an easy to use ecommerce solution that lets you create your own online store to sell physical goods and digital products as well as sell daily deals. What’s more, you can employ multiple sales models to recruit additional merchants and attract more customers. The GBS marketplace allows you to easily expand the capabilities of your GBS site through the many add-ons offered. Here we’ve highlighted some of the many cool things you can do with GBS and why it’s considered to be the best daily deal software available.

Sell daily deals

From setting minimum and maximum purchase limits, adding pricing milestones, to quickly allowing merchants to register and begin submitting deals, we’ve got you covered! Checkout the list of daily deal features and social buying options GBS provides.

Sell physical products

We’ve included an extensive amount of shipping and tax options that allow you or your vendors to sell tangible products too. If you’re in need of a product focused site with group buying functionality, check out the Shop Ecommerce theme for WordPress.

Sell digital products

Using the digital downloads add-on, you can easily sell downloadable goods from your GBS site.

Offer private flash sales

Run a members-only daily deals site akin to Gilt by restricting access and purchases of your deals to registered users that are logged in.

Control purchase frequency

The purchase restrictions add-on allows you to limit how often a buyer can purchase again from the same merchant. Needless to say this is attractive for merchants that don’t want to offer multiple deals to the same buyer.

Encourage signups

The registration rewards add-on will automatically add credit to a user’s account when they register. This creates incentive for the visitor to register as well as signup for your email list to begin receiving notifications about new daily deals or product offerings.

Earn affiliate commission

The URL redirect add-on lets you replace the Buy Now button link for a given deal or product with any URL. Simply create the deal or product on your site, insert your affiliate link and you’re done.

Add custom fields

Add custom fields to your registration page, account edit page, and purchase/voucher reports by using the custom registration add-on.

Send private invites

Offer exclusive, private registration invites before you launch your ecommerce site via the invitation only add-on.

Collect deal suggestions

The deal suggestions add-on allows users to suggest deals they want to see offered in the future and vote on them. This is a terrific way to gather valuable data about products and deals your visitors want. You can then use that data to signup merchants that may offer such products and services.

Offer discounts to members

Set different prices for specific members by using the member pricing add-on.

Offer discounts for return buyers

The loyalty pricing add-on rewards buyers with a discount price if they’ve purchase recently from a particular merchant.

Accept offsite purchases

Allow buyers to pay in person (offsite) or through bank transfer via the offsite purchasing add-on.

Limit credit usage

The credit limiter add-on restricts the number of credits a buyer can use toward each purchase.

Partner with fundraisers

Partner with charities, schools, and other fundraising organizations and allow buyers to select the organization for which they want to donate a portion of their purchase using the simple charities add-on.

View live sales stats

The live sales stats add-on permits the administrator to do exactly what the name implies; viewing live sales statistics for your site.

Set background images

Set custom background images for each deal location or category using the photo resizer add-on.

Manage staff

The staff management add-on allows you to assign staff to manage deal offerings for specific locations on your site.

Pay with credits

By default users can purchase a product or deal using their credit card and/or credits in their account. However, you may restrict the checkout to only accepting credits for purchases via the credits only add-on.

Limit registration

The registration restriction add-on whitelists specific domains for registration and requires email verification before the user can view your site’s listed products or deals.

Buy gifts for friends

Use the Simple Gifting add-on to give the buyer the option to purchase a deal or product as a gift.

Monitor traffic to improve sales

The Advanced Google Analytics Integration add-on allows you to not only track where your traffic is coming from but it also helps you discover important information for improving your conversion rates and ROI.

Track sales from your phone

The Piggy Pro Integration add-on tracks sales data and it will notify your iPhone or Android device every time a deal or product is sold on your GBS-powered site.

Create a membership site

This daily deal membership add-on provides the opportunity to launch a subscription based membership site or a flash sale site for VIP members.

Incentivize deal sharing

Users can earn account credit when their referral link generates a sale. The user may share deals on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media sites. The Advanced Referral Rewards add-on permits the administrator to assign any amount of credit for each individual product or deal offering.

Give cash back for purchases

The Cashback Rewards add-on lets the administrator assign an amount of credit to give the actual deal buyer. This rewards the user for making a purchase and encourages them to return to make another purchase. This add-on may be utilized to run a group buying cash back site rather than a traditional daily deal website where products and services are deeply discounted.

Discount codes for products or deals

The Checkout Discount Codes add-on allows the buyer to enter a promotional code in the checkout page to receive a discount on a product or deal they are buying. The admin may set the expiration date of the promotional code and restrict how many times it may be used.

Custom features & themes

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, contact a GBS-proficient developer and they can provide you with a quote to create and deliver any custom feature or custom theme design you need.


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