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Shop E-Commerce Theme For WordPress

Today we are excited to announce the official release of a new WordPress ecommerce theme named Shop E-commerce which utilizes GBS v3.5. This ecommerce theme for WordPress (WP) allows you to leverage the social commerce features built into GBS and apply them to selling products rather than traditional daily deals. The Shop WordPress ecommerce theme includes the many new shipping and tax options released in GBS v3.4, new filters, a responsive web design, elegant product sliders, and many more features to help you take your ecommerce site to the next level.

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The homepage displays the latest items for sale on your store while also automatically featuring all the categories through the use of sliders. The main section at the top is fully customizable through the WP page editor and allows for more customization via the WP widget areas.

Shop theme home

Products in the shop theme aren’t focused on timed deals, instead the emphasis is on the product’s current price and information. Customers have a quick method of adding multiple products to their cart with the quantity and item selection option located on the product page.

Shop quantity

The default focus for GBS is “deals” whereas the Shop theme uses product based terminology to transition from “deals” to “products” and “vouchers” to “invoices”. Furthermore, since the shop theme is geared toward a traditional shopping site experience, locations are no longer necessary.

Responsive design
The Shop ecommerce theme for WordPress is a responsive design that’s built to also display well on mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones. In the image below you can see how each device has a different layout while still adhering to the same look and feel of the standard website view. It’s not simply about changing layouts to improve the view; it’s about being responsive to how the user interacts. Consider how you need to select items on an iPhone screen with your finger instead of a mouse which is far less accurate. The Shop theme takes this into account by displaying large action items that are easy to select despite being viewed in a much smaller window.

GBS Shop Theme

Many more features
As you’re viewing the Shop theme demo, you can see that the top menu dynamically changes as you scroll down any given page. This allows for the main menu to be viewed at all times by the visitor for easy navigation and cart access. The product and category sliders are prominently displayed throughout the entire ecommerce theme whether you’re viewing the homepage or the shopping cart. We’ve also implemented a new GBS theme page template to easily display all of your categories and most recent products using the convenient and visually appealing sliders.

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