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Daily Deal Software Features For v3.2, More Social Buying Add-ons

GBS v3.2 includes some highly requested daily deal software features that have been voted up by our users. These features include QR codes and the ability for merchants to attach images with their deal submissions. And in case you missed it, a bunch of new and exciting social buying add-ons are now available in the GBS marketplace!

QR Codes – With the release of the new responsive daily deal theme you can now transform your site into a mobile application where your merchants to quickly mark vouchers as redeemed.

Merchant Featured Image Upload – Merchants can now upload deal images with their deal submissions. This might seem like a small update but we’re working hard on the next release and instead of holding these highly requested features back we wanted to get them to you now.

Disable Cart – Some payment gateways (e.g. Authorize.net, NMI, etc) don’t possess the ability to perform multiple partial captures like PayPal (read more). This functionality is necessary when a buyer purchases multiple deals in a shopping cart and those deals all have different end times. By disabling the GBS shopping cart, the requirement for multiple partial captures is eliminated and the admin can set purchasing limits (minimum, maximum, dynamic pricing, etc.).

Simple Charities – This GBS add-on permits the site owner to serve up daily deals in partnership with local charities, schools, and fundraising organizations. The administrator can create multiple non-profit organizations and allow the buyer to select which cause he/she would like to donate to during checkout.

Subscription Lightbox – This add-on redirects the user away from the default homepage and presents a non-obtrusive popup-like subscription form via lightbox. It’s an elegant way to encourage the user to subscribe to emails that would inform them of great deals in their area.

Registration Rewards – An effective way to encourage registration for your daily deal site. It automatically awards newly registered users a bonus of credits to their account. You can set that bonus to be any number of credits. Those credits can then be used to purchase deals.

Invitation Only – Allows you to serve up private invites for your high profile daily deal site. Invited guests are sent private tokens from admins or other members before they can gain access. Invitations can be easily managed and tracked from the administration panel with the ability to modify the outgoing email invitation.

Stats Widget – This cool little add-on lets you track key statistics for your daily deal site. These stats include total number of deals purchased, total value of deals purchased, and the total amount saved by buyers. You can also choose to hide the widget so that only administrators can view it and see stats for specific deals. The stats are also displayed within your wp-admin area, so you don’t need to use the sidebar widget at all if you just want to keep tabs on your basic sales data.

Loyalty Pricing and Member Pricing – These add-ons improve customer loyalty by offering return buyers an alternative price on any deal. The site administrator can even add a time restriction to a deal such that the alternative price is only available if the buyer completes the purchase within X days from the same merchant.


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