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v3.8: Reward Points, Improved Performance, Prime Daily Deal Theme

Our group buying software for WordPress offers more great features with today’s release of GBS v3.8. For this update we’ve focused on improving the performance and compatibility of GBS as well as delivering an updated WordPress daily deal theme. We’ve also added a major change to the credit system and expanded it to accommodate some really exciting possibilities for our daily deal software.

By default, the term “Credits” has been replaced with “Reward Points” and we’ve added another payment method called “Account Balance”. Account Balance can be utilized by your site’s users to purchase items and it will function as a 1:1 ratio with the default currency you set. For example, if your default currency is the dollar, an Account Balance of one is equal to $1. Just like the Account Balance, Reward Points may also be used to purchase items. However, the Reward Points feature permits the administrator to set the exchange ratio to any custom value. As the name implies, users are rewarded with Reward Points when a sale is generated through their unique referral link.

Exchange rate options.

Ways to pay during checkout.

The new Reward Points feature provides a tremendous opportunity for our developer community to create unique solutions that incentivize actions of users and reward them for completing specific tasks on your GBS-powered website. The GBS Rewards System add-on is a terrific example of how GBS users can easily add reward based actions to drive more traffic to their site and increase sales. Keep in mind that you can quickly change the title of either “Reward Points” or “Account Balance” to anything very easily using the Translator feature. For instance, you could rename Reward Points to be “Reward Dollars” or it could be much more personal by incorporating your brand into the title (e.g. ACME Bucks).

Our Premium daily deal theme has been around for awhile and we decided that it was time for a change. Today’s release includes a successor to the Premium theme called Prime. All new and existing GBS members will have access the new theme at no extra cost. You can read all about the Prime daily deal theme for WordPress here.

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve made some significant changes to the GBS software to improve performance. These modifications include plenty of optimization based updates as well as support for the popular WordPress plugins W3TC and WP Super Cache. As a whole these improvements should act to decrease page loading times for your site.

Another noteworthy update was the addition of free deals with shipping options. Previously this feature wasn’t compatible with all supported payment gateways. Finally, you can now apply credits, now known as Account Balance, toward the item subtotal and and also use it to pay for item tax and shipping. Previous versions would not permit the user to apply credits to the item subtotal and pay the remaining balance via the payment processor.


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