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GBS 4.6: 2Checkout, Groupon and Yipit Importers, Passbook and Admin Updates

The latest version of GBS is available now, bringing a lot of optimization under the hood, new admin features and accompanies a few important add-ons.

If you’re not already familiar with the Ideas and Suggestions area, you’re missing out on the best way to help direct the future of GBS. Multiple image uploads has gained enough momentum to be included in this release and the new Passbook add-on has also received many votes.

Some other highly requested customizations have arrived in the marketplace as well. The new importer functionality, which already supported the Living Social Importer, now supports our latest importer add-ons for the Groupon and Yipit APIs. 2Checkout was one of the original supported payment gateways back before version 3.0 and support for this gateway returns via a new add-on.

Passbook Vouchers

Passbook keeps things like airline boarding passes, movie tickets, and gift cards all in one place, give iPhone or iPod touch users an easy way to to check in for a flight, get into a movie, redeem a coupon, and more. With the new Passbook Vouchers add-on your users will be able to download their voucher as a pass, which will be added to their Passbook application, regardless if the pass was downloaded on their Mac or iPhone (since iCloud will sync passes for the customer).


The add-on allows you to easily customize your passes’ images and backgrounds, and with a developer’s touch complex customizations are also possible.

Yipit and Groupon Product/Deal Importers

The import functionality was built into version 4.5 of GBS and these two new importers capitalize on this new feature to bring you a way to easily aggregate deals from Groupon or Yipit’s network of affiliated offer/deal sites. These two new add-ons are very similar to the Living Social add-on released earlier this summer but each API has its own unique set of options and settings.

69-logo-yipit main

View the add-on pages for each to learn more.


The last add-on to be released with GBS 4.6 is 2Checkout payment integration. 2Checkout has a global reach of 196 countries (and counting) with 26 supported languages. If you’re not familiar with 2Checkout and you’re in one of the many locals that PayPal isn’t a solution for you, we recommend you review 2Checkout and the new GBS add-on.



What’s new in 4.6?

While it’s not evident from the admin screens, there are some incredible updates to the core of GBS that enhance speed and efficiency; in total, 255 files have been modified with thousands of lines of code added, removed and refactored. These changes paved the way for some future development and some great new features.

Multiple Image Uploads

Before 4.6 deal/product/project submissions were limited to a single image upload. In 4.6 the merchant/sponsor submitting the item can now upload multiple images and select from the media library of images for their submission.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 4.48.40 PM

As you can see it’s using the same awesome media management you’ve used when publishing.  By default, these images load into the content section of your item.

Better Account and User Profile connections
A much needed addition, this allows you to easily jump to key GBS areas from the user management screen, as well as giving you a user snapshot from the account management screen.

Account Profile on User PageUser Profile and more on account page

New GBS Records Admin and Error Reporting

v4.6 also adds a new management interface for GBS records. These been used since the early 3.x days to alleviate record keeping. In v4.6 you will not only be able to see those records but you will have an option to save dev logs as records. These logs are throughout the entire GBS core and provide every bit of information your developer will need to troubleshoot or test. The GBS Records management is found under the Tools admin, hidden away since the majority of users will never need to view this new management section.

Payment Management
Payments can now be voided at any time. There’s also a method to collect notes about the void, which later can be accessed via the transaction data link.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 4.41.52 PM

Payments can also be manually captured if the initial attempt failed. This primarily happens when a payment failed due to insufficient funds but the customer later informs you that they’ve resolved their banking/financial problem. There’s also a new UI for all payment transaction data.

Other Updates

  • Gifting is no longer a default feature, instead it’s an add-on that can be activated. If you’re currently using the gifting functionality make sure to activate the new add-on.
  • Via a new link on the voucher’s management screen, admins can view actual customer vouchers
  • New Add-on Management page
  • New welcome dashboard

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