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WordPress Group Buying Plugin & Daily Deals Theme Now Available

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the Group Buying Plugin and Group Buying Theme for WordPress. Daily deal sites like Groupon have demonstrated the incredible success that group buying can obtain when it’s combined with time-sensitive discount sales delivered to deal-hungry email subscribers. Groupon has been touted as the fastest growing company ever by Forbes, and despite only being two years old, it has amassed an estimated $225 million in revenue (half of $450 million saved by consumers to date). The profit and growth potential of the daily deals market is enormous. Sites like Groupon earn 50% of all voucher purchases they generate for local merchants and the ability to tap into location-based sales means that the opportunities available for bootstrapping entrepreneurs are nearly endless. Deal personalization and niche deal sites offer further business opportunities that currently remain untapped for aspiring entrepreneurs.

WordPress is a very robust, easy to use content management system and its users represent an ever growing community of savvy entrepreneurs that desire effective tools to monetize their sites. Delivering our products to current and aspiring business owners to use on their WordPress websites therefore makes perfect sense. Our WordPress Group Buying Plugin offers WP users an easy and affordable way to incorporate daily deals into their existing site and the Group Buying Theme permits anyone to create a full-blown Groupon-like business. In contrast to either paying a web developer thousands of dollars, or partnering with daily deal platforms that charge a never ending service (or sales) fee, you can launch your very own collective buying site via our inexpensive turnkey solution today. Furthermore, if you’re a local merchant that’s considering Groupon for your marketing needs you’d be better off serving these deals from your own WordPress blog or website. Specifically, you’d save your business thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue by cutting Groupon out of the arrangement (Groupon takes 50% of all voucher sales) and you’d grow your business’s email list (Groupon doesn’t give you access to email subscribers).

Our WordPress daily deals plugin can be customized to match your current WP theme or you may utilize our WordPress Group Buying Theme to create your own niche daily deals website. The extensive amount of plugins and themes available to WordPress users allows you to quickly incorporate other desirable features and designs that exist separately from our products. If you need help, however, our team can create any functionality or design that you want for your WordPress daily deals website. Just like most WordPress plugins or themes, our WP products are dead simple to install and easy to setup. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, don’t worry; we can setup a WordPress website for you and install our product(s) after your purchase has been completed.

Despite offering all the necessary functions you need to deliver group buying deals, we have a plethora of really cool and exciting features planned for the Group Buying Theme and Plugin. You can see a full list of features for our group buying plugin and theme here. For additional information about Group Buying Site and our products, please see the frequently asked questions. If your question is not specifically addressed there, send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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