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A Social Commerce Theme For WordPress

Our ecommerce plugin for WordPress can be used in combination with our commercial WordPress themes to launch your own site for daily deals, crowdfunding projects, or running your own online storefront to sell various physical and digital products. Our new Social Commerce theme for WordPress is a Pinterest inspired theme that offers a unique design for selling both daily deals or products.

The landing page with email signup form has been replaced in this new theme in favor of displaying all the recent deals and/or products you’ve added to your site. As you can see below the new deal/product pages use fancy javascript to display the item tiles.

While this new theme doesn’t include the email subscription form by default, you can easily implement this feature via the subscription lightbox add-on.

Clicking from page to page to browse deals or products is a hassle to potential buyers. To address this we’ve integrated an infinity scroll feature that simply loads more deals/products without having to click through to a new page. By just scrolling to the bottom of the page the new deals or products automatically appear.

AJAX loading (no pagination)

Like other GBS themes, Social Commerce is built using responsive web design techniques to ensure that it looks great on various browser sizes and mobile devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone, tablets, Android devices, smartphones, etc.).



There’s a lot more that our Social Commerce theme offers including a beautiful single deal/product page, fancy cart dropdown, double navigation, an updated checkout page, new account pages, and new confirmation page layout. Take some time to review all that our Social Commerce theme for WordPress has to offer by visiting the demo.

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