With the release of GBS v3.0, it’s clear that our daily deal software has evolved well beyond its original scope to incorporate more advanced social commerce features. As the daily deal market continues to grow its important to note what differentiates GBS. Herein we identify some key differences between our daily deals software solution and what other providers are offering. We believe you’ll be quite pleased to discover the straightforward pricing, ever growing feature set, and greater flexibility that’s possible with GBS.

Sell downloads, products, and more

GBS allows you to not only sell daily deals but also sell downloadable products and physical goods from your social buying site. What’s more, the GBS Marketplace offers the ability for GBS users to easily add new features or a new theme design to their storefront.

No transaction fees

When someone buys a deal on your GBS-powered site, you (not us) receive that payment directly into your payment gateway account. If you’re using the competitors’ services, all payments for deals go directly into their merchant account and they charge you a 8-12% processing fee for every deal that is purchased. That may not sound like much initially but it adds up to be a significant amount of revenue that you’re losing with every single deal that’s purchased.

For example, if you consider the expenses involved with 100 purchases at $20 each, our competitors would take $200 (10% of $2000) for that single deal offering. At an average of 5 deals/week and 20 deals/month, that amounts to $4,000 in transaction fees alone! With our one-time upfront payment for GBS, you’ll save over $3,000 in just the first month ($4,000 – $329 – $20). Then every month thereafter you’re only paying $20/month for access to support and new feature updates.

No sales quotas

Many of our competitors will charge apply extra fees if you don’t meet the monthly sales quotas they set. The only fees you encounter with GBS are the one-time payment for the software and a recurring $20/month membership fee to access support and new version updates.

No hidden setup fees

Hosted group buying software providers will often add on hundreds if not thousands of dollars just to setup your account. In comparison, there are no hidden fees, down payments, or setup charges applied to your account when you become a GBS member.


We give you the software to run on your hosting account so you can control every aspect of your website. Our competitors offer what is called hosted daily deal software. They host the collective buying software on their servers preventing you from accessing the code. You’re completely dependent upon their services; if their business ever closes, or they increase their fees, you’re out of luck.

Unlimited deals

Some daily deal software services charge you a recurring monthly fee based on how many deals you run. Our daily deal platform allows you to run as many deals as you want without incurring any extra fees.

Unencrypted source code

The source code for our social buying software is not obfuscated so that you can easily modify it to fit your needs. You can add new features, change the design, and integrate GBS with other online services. This permits you to differentiate your website from the competitors so that it can evolve into a unique, thriving online business. Our competitors don’t give you access to the their source code. They can’t because it’s hosted on their server. Thus you’re stuck with whatever features they give you.

Buyers pay you directly

Every payment for a deal you sell on your GBS-powered site goes directly into your merchant account, not ours. In contrast, if you’re using a hosted daily deal software solution, funds for all deals sold go directly into their merchant account. Then they add extra charges (e.g. 10% transaction fees, failed quota fees, hosting fees, email fees, etc.) and pay you the remainder whenever they decide to do so. Hopefully they pay you sooner rather than later since the merchant is waiting for you to pay them.

Email list privacy

We don’t collect or store the email addresses that you acquire with your GBS-powered website. Our daily deals software allows you to utilize popular email marketing services like MailChimp and Constant Contact to collect and store email addresses in your own email marketing account. Our competitors require that you use their email marketing service thereby ensuring they too have access to your email list of customers.

Greater flexibility

Our daily deal software allows you to easily add extra functionality to your group buying site just by simply installing another plugin or GBS add-on. You just can’t do that with competitors that offer hosted daily deal services.

Custom built features and designs

We can build any custom feature or design that you need at an additional cost that is very reasonable.


We regularly update GBS to release new innovative features that expand upon the concept of social buying. Our goal is not to merely develop another Groupon clone or Groupon script but to utilize and create new ecommerce technology that helps generate more traffic and sales for your business.

Excellent support

Our daily deal software is developed in the United States and support for our clients is a top priority. We offer multiple support access points which include email, forums, support tickets, documentation, and video tutorials. We can provide installation to help you get your niche daily deal website up and running fast and we can guide you through every step along the way to launching your social buying site.

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