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Group Buying Site

Instantly turn your WordPress blog into a professional group buying website.

Integrate, Customize, Launch.

Create a niche daily deals website, launch a group buying site for your own city, or simply add a deal-of-the-day section to your existing WordPress blog!

Deal Creation

Quickly and easily create and edit deals, launch multiple locations (e.g. Chicago, San Francisco) and assign categories (e.g. service, product, etc.) and tags (e.g. food, health, etc.) to your deal offerings.

Deal Stats

Within the deals admin panel you can quickly check the performance of published deals to see how many sales you’ve generated, if the minimum and maximum number of sales were met, and when each deal expires.

Payment Gateways

With built-in payment gateway, you can begin selling deals immediately. We currently support PayPal Website Payments Pro but will eventually include additional gateways.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

SEO is a vital part of your group buying business and that why we’ve built our theme to instantly take advantage of SEO best practices to increase the visibility of your content in search engines.

Dedicated Blog

Run your daily deals business and write blog posts from the same WordPress site. This is a terrific way to connect with customers and establish your site’s authority.

Google Integration

Our group buying theme includes a Google Maps feature and you can integrate Google Analytics via a WP plugin so you can easily track and wow your website’s visitors.

Lifetime Support & Updates

Get exclusive access to our customer support forums, feedback forum, documentation, FAQs, tutorials, and articles once you become a member. As a member, all theme updates and support requests are freely accessible.

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Theme Features

Including themes tailored to the needs of Daily Deals and eCommerce websites. Each theme is full featured, integrated with WordPress’

Style customizer
Custom menus
Widget areas
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Recent Articles

How to save money online using group buying sites


If you’ve used the internet in the last fifteen years, you have probably seen, heard about, or used a group buying site. A group buying site is a website that sells below cost deals for restaurants, spas, vacations and much more. They do this through buying a large amount of these packages at a significant mark down and then selling them to the members of their websites. The most popular sites in this realm of wholesale are Groupon and LivingSocial.

There really is no limit to how much money you can save by using a group buying site to plan your adventures, excursions, or maybe just do a little shopping. For small gifts and gadgets, Groupon is by far the winning place holder. Before Christmas and birthdays come around, a quick trip to Groupon can give you some great ideas and even better pricing. You can save up to 95% on gifts and gadgets, including subscription services like Dollar Shave Club. Finding the latest trendy kitchen gadget or a new bedding set is an easy pick for a new home owner, or maybe you want to get a new tablet for your grandkids, niece or nephew. The possibilities are endless. Groupon is also pretty great for restaurant specials and spa getaways. You can get a $100 spa treatment for less than $50, and many restaurants offer something along the lines of spend $20, save $20, essentially giving you half off your bill.

save money

For adventures, getaways, and other new experiences, the front runner here is LivingSocial. The proof is in the name. they specialize in getting you out of the house and hanging out in some of the best settings possible. From travel abroad to great activities right at home, like go-karts, LivingSocial is the hub for all entertainment. You can use a wide array of filters and categories to find just what you like. If you know you’re going to be visiting a new city, check out the listings and plan your adventure for way less than you could with a travel agent, or even with a company directly. LivingSocial takes a lot of the headache out of figuring out what to do and helps get you off the sofa and away from the TV. Whether you want to go to the zoo for half-off, try your hand at archery, or just open a Sam’s Club membership for almost 60% off, LivingSocial is sure to satisfy.

No matter what lifestyle you have, there is n shame in saving money. Along with the two group buying giants mentioned above, moms can checkout Juice in the City and Plum District, and the more universal Buy with Me offers deals for a whole week, instead of daily specials like some others. Either way, log on and find out how much you could be saving on all of the things you were already going to do.

GBS 4.1 Release: Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management

Our white label social commerce software for WordPress has grown quite a bit this year. We released our Crowdfunding theme for WordPress along with many other GBS themes and add-ons for the Group Buying Site platform which allow you to easily extend the function of the default GBS software. Today we are releasing v4.1 which includes many new features and improvements like voucher expiration notifications, order fulfillment and inventory management, a fully featured GBS JSON API, and a query optimizer for large site scaling needs. Please take a few moments to review the updates.

As you can see below some of these changes are included as core add-ons with the update so that you can easily turn them on/off just by selectively activating or deactivating them.

Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management
The order fulfillment and inventory management add-ons included with v4.1 offer the following benefits.

  • Set inventory per deal or product via AJAX functionality without refreshing the page
  • Low inventory notifications for administrators
  • New order status options
  • Order status notifications for customers
  • Full Featured JSON API
    It was necessary for us to construct a GBS API in order build the features we have planned for the future. Here is a peek at the GBS API document to give you an idea of its potential robustness.Query Optimizer
    Here at GBS we are committed to meeting the needs of all our clients whether their sites receive a thousand visitors or millions. We’re constantly improving the software’s scaling abilities and we work directly with our clients to address those needs. This query optimizer was specifically constructed to help large GBS sites that are experiencing scaling issues because of the WordPress database schema. The core add-on will create additional tables in your database to take the load off WP meta queries. This should be used in conjunction with object caching (i.e. APC) to improve site performance. If you do not know what any of this means please do not use this feature and find a proficient developer that can advise you if you even need to optimize your queries or not. You may find several proficient WordPress developers with GBS experience here.Upcoming iPhone and Android Apps
    All of our themes were built using responsive web design techniques so that your site will display well on all device screens (e.g. iPhone, iPad, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, Android phones and tablets, smartphones, etc.). However, we also understand that some clients would prefer to have a device specific application as well. To address that need we’ve been developing a GBS iPhone application demo that should be available soon for testing. Below you will find some screenshots of the iPhone application. Upon completing the iPhone application we’ll begin construction on the Android app.
  • Thank You and Happy Holidays!
    As the end of 2012 approaches, we would like to say thank you to all our awesome clients! Without you, none of this would be possible and we would not have been able to continue working hard to release new feature updates and products that meet your specific needs. We would also like to thank the incredibly creative developers for building killer add-ons that enable GBS users to easily implement additional functionality to their GBS powered sites. Thanks again for your wonderful support! We wish you all the best this holiday season and the upcoming year!

3 Simple Criteria to help you choose your website template design


Be it your business, organization, blog or anything else; the website is the essential part of your online presence. It is the face of your presence among millions of other websites out there and has to be creative and a valid extension of your business. Now what is a perfect site? We’ve come down to three simple criteria which you need to consider while creating the best and lasting impression on your customer base:

Content width design:

You have two options here –
Full width
Boxed width


The full-width layout is for those who want their website to be creative and vibrant. You can opt for the full width as it gives you a lot more space to contain your creativity in it. While for those who want to go in for a more formal setup, you can opt for the Boxed width, which is best suited for the needs of a business. And yes, do choose the right content width design as it is the most critical factor when it comes to designing an excellent website for your business.

Homepage header design:

This too depends on the intention behind which you are creating your website. You have three options here –
Static header

Choosing this wisely is essential too, as it is the first thing people who visit your site see. Going in for the first and second option is best suited for a business website. However, if you have multiple products that you want to showcase on the header, go in for the slideshow. Also, if you are opting for a video, ensure it’s crisp and short.

For those creatively inclined preferably opt for the slideshow or video options, cutting out on the static header. Your creative elements are best explored in the slideshow and video options making it more appealing and interactive.

Menu Bar design:

The type, layout and more importantly, the position of your menu bars are essential. Making your website as user-friendly as possible should be your target and starting off with carefully placed menus is excellent. The menu is like a guideline for the visitors to your website – so make sure you have your directions well in place.

An iOS Application For GBS!


We are very excited to announce our first mobile application: GBS for iOS! An iPhone app has been requested for awhile but mobile application development for complex systems can consume a great amount of resources. Thus we had to carefully consider how to approach this goal while also attempting to meet the various unique needs of different GBS customers.

At this point we have released an application to the iOS App Store for anyone to download and test. The app connects with our Prime demo so you can see the two work together to display such things as deals, carts, and vouchers.

Here’s a rundown of what the beta version of the iOS app offers:

  • View X deals on your site.
  • Filter deals by location, category, and name
  • Allow the user to login or register (syncs directly with site)
  • Ability to view vouchers for past purchases
  • Add/Remove an item to their cart (which syncs with the website)
  • Local app cache to improve speed
  • Uses GBS 4.1 API

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